Irish Castles

What not to miss in Ireland: The Irish Castles

Through a virtual tour of the Emerald Isle, let’s see what not to miss in Ireland?

Irish castles.

From the most fascinating to the most majestic, from the oldest to the most mysterious, the castles of the Emerald Isle are among the most famous in Europe.

Dunluce Castle

On the Antrim Coast stands the majestic Dunluce Castle. Built in the early 13th century, it soon became the home of the McQuillan family and the McDonnell clan.
Considered one of the most impressive castles in Ireland, it stands in a strategic position on a basalt promontory overhanging the sea; legend has it that the kitchen once collapsed into the sea, dragging 7 cooks with it! The castle is accessible via a bridge that connects it with the rest of the island. For film buffs, this castle inspired the location Cair Paravel from the book/film The Chronicles of Narnia!

Tullynally Castle

This castle is linked to one of Ireland’s most famous legends, Children of Lir.

The name Tullynally is an adaptation of the name Tulaigh an Eallaigh – the swan hill. The hill overlooks Lough Derravaragh, the legendary lake from the story of the Children of Lir who were transformed into swans. The Castle has remained more or less unchanged over the centuries, even if parts of it have been converted into family apartments… the welcoming tea room was originally the ancient courtyard!

Blackrock Castle

Located a few kilometers from the town of Cork on the banks of the River Lee, the Castle was originally built on the orders of Queen Elizabeth I to defend the port and the city from enemy attacks. Destroyed and rebuilt several times, the Castle was restored in 2000 with the support of Cork City Council and the Institute of Technology which is now housed within the Castle.

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