The castle

DIY tourism, what to see in Dublin: The Castle

The Castle is located on the southern side of the Liffey in Dublin was the center of English power in Ireland, for this reason it is seen as the symbol of the British occupation in Ireland.

The origins

The original Dublin Castle was built in 1204, by King John of England; a medieval structure with four towers, a moat and a drawbridge. However, a fire in 1684 destroyed most of the building which was rebuilt in Georgian style a few years later. Today only one of the four towers remains of the original Castle – the Record Tower still clearly visible from the outside today. Another of the four round towers together with a part of the city wall is visible in the lower part of the Castle and accessible with the guided tour. When the “Free State” was proclaimed in 1922, the castle was handed over to the Irish Government, with the symbolic passing of the keys to Michael Collins.

What to see in Dublin?

The Castle, Dublin’s most visited attraction.

To visit the castle, it is advisable to book a guided tour to discover the state rooms and apartments. The tour begins with the hall of James Connolly, hero of the Easter Rising and includes the old ballroom and St. Patrick’s Hall, decorated with banners of the order of the Knights of St. Patrick. We continue with the Throne Room with frescoes depicting Jupiter, Juno, Mars and Venus and enormous candlesticks containing symbols of Ireland, England and Scotland.

Also of extreme interest is the Church of the Most Holy Trinity, which has an exterior decorated with numerous limestone sculptures portraying illustrious Irish figures, including Jonathan Swift, St. Peter and Brian Boru.

Dublin Castle is a must for anyone visiting Dublin and the guided tour is the only opportunity to visit the foundations of the castle and parts of the Powder Tower that are still buried and not visible from the outside.

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